About me

If you love Travel and Photography I can tell you already that we share the same passions and we have the same goals! #traveltheworld

Who am I?

Hi, I aCorina and I live in Dubai, the perfect hub to fly anywhere in the World. I am here to share with you my travel experiences, to show you the beautiful places this World offered me to see and to give my tips and ideas about how I travel.

I wanted my blog to be accessible to as many readers as possible hence I decided to write in English, even though is not my native language, so you will excuse me for my (probably many) mistakes.

Why I travel?

Because I love it! I am just another human infected by the travel bug! As I travel more than average people do, either for work or leisure, my friends encouraged me to write my own travel blog. After a looooong time…here I am!

Since I know myself I’ve always been a very dynamic person and I always felt this urge just to go! Doesn’t matter where! For sure there is something to discover there. And I didn’t change, I still feel the same.

I am not a full time traveler and probably I will never be, but is ok, I am happy to keep it that way. I feel a stronger enthusiasm like that every time I am planning for another vacation!